MEPPI 5kV Circuit Breaker

Legacy Oil Circuit Breaker Replacement Resulting in a Positive Total Cost of Ownership

Mitsubishi Electric’s 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (5DV25) is designed for replacement of legacy oil circuit breakers within power utility distribution substations or industrial applications. This product directly results in significant performance improvements:

  • Positive Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Safety
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Legacy Replacement
  • Green Compliance
  • Reduced Operating Expenses

MEPPI's 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker is a 4.76 kV, 600 or 800 amp circuit breaker. It is unique in that it has a footprint of roughly 2 feet by 2 feet, making it a perfect place replacement for legacy oil circuit breakers. It employs MEPPI plug'N'play switchgear technology.  It is over five feet in height, and has adjustable feet providing and additional 10 inches. It also comes with an optional frame that extends height to over 8 feet. 

5kv cb.JPG

Designed for Reduced Complexity and Lower Maintenance Expense

  1. Spring Charge Motor
  2. Manual Charge Location
  3. Trip Coil
  4. Close Coil
  5. BH-1H Operating Mechanism
  6. Limit Switches
  7. Auxiliary Switch (5a/5b)
  8. Open/Close Indicators
  9. Closing Spring
  10. Charge/Discharge Indicator
  11. Operation Counter

The 5 kV Circuit Breaker employs Mitsubishi Electric’s patented modular switchgear technology. This technology incorporates all high voltage and operational elements into one assembly that has wheels and can easily be slid in and out of the Circuit Breaker. This single critical assembly provides plug N play service capability. While this modular unit is designed for lifetime performance and reliability, this assembly facilitates streamlined field replacement, should the need arise. It can be removed from either the front or the rear of the enclosure. This dramatically improves safety and significantly reduces maintenance expenses when compared to other circuit breakers.

5kv cb layout.JPG

New, High Performance Bushings

5kv cb top.JPG

The bushings represent an Industry leading design incorporating an outdoor rated, hydrophobic, cycloaliphatic, epoxy material. This design is superior in weight, tensile strength, UV protection and structural integrity. When compared to porcelain bushings, MEPPI’s design provides:

  • 30% weight reduction
  • 11 times higher tensile strength
  • 16 times higher flexural strength
  • Improved UV protection

Improved Ergonomic User Interface

One of the most important challenges was in shrinking the 5kV Circuit Breaker to 2’ by 2’, and expanding the control panel capabilities at the same time. Mitsubishi Electric provides a clamshell-designed control panel can be extended, swung open and unfolded to provide an ergonomic interface. The panel conveniently pulls out 1” to clear the enclosure, and then swivels 90° to provide full access for the technician. In a closed position, this is flush with the remaining cabinet. If the cabinet is mounted at the appropriate height, this eliminates the need to work “inside” the enclosure. It brings all control features away and outside of the direct contact with the high voltage aspect of the cabinet. It allows for optimal overhead illumination of the control panel. This unit provides all controls, relays, customer connections and other required operational devices without having to reach into any awkward enclosure. This ergonomically designed assess solution will save significant technician time and expense. When finished, the entire control panel folds and slides back into place. There is a convenient handle, locking pins and bolts to secure this unit back into storage.

5 kv cb assembly.JPG

Review the data sheet and read more about the technical specs of the MEEPI 5kV breaker here:

MEPPI 5kV Circuit Breaker video

why use vacuum breakers instead of oil filled ones?

Oil circuit breakers

Aging oil circuit breakers have a declining interval between maintenance – Degrade below 33% of installed performance


Vaccum circuit breakers

MEPPI Vacuum circuit breakers meet and exceed 6,000 operations between maintenance – Remain consistent over life of circuit breaker

Projecting TCO (total cost of ownership) for 20 legacy oil circuit breakers


$4.5m annually


Projecting TCO for 20 replacement vacuum circuit breakers


$900k annually (5 month payback)

Read more about the advantages of vacuum circuit breakers over oil circuit breakers here:

Feel free to explore further by reviewing the official MEPPI brochure or contact us for a consultation, quotes and delivery times!