MPS PH Series Extra Heavy Duty Crossarms





The PH series is the strongest arm MPS offers and is the strongest standard profile (3-5/8" x 4-5/8") arm on the market. This allows the possibility to use one arm for multiple applications.


  • Standard profile dimensions (3 5/8" x 4 5/8")
  • Can be utilized in both tangent and deadend applications
  • Compatible with standard hardware
  • Available with both iron and aluminum premounted hardware
  • Includes MPS exclusive curved washer design for deadend arms to reduce arm stress
  • Mechanical testing conducted to ASTM test standards (available upon request)


  • Fully tested to meet regional regulations
  • Test data available
  • Cross reference available
  • Custom lengths, drill hole patterns available
  • Local inventory
  • Proven technology, UV resistant

Fiberglass Advantages

  • UV stabilized pultruded fiberglass beam
  • Extensive use of woven & straight fibers for increased strength/reduced deflection
  • High density, closed cell, expandable foam core
  • Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or preservatives
  • MPS exclusive curved washer to reduce arm stress in deadends
  • Compatible installation with saddle pins on tangent crossarms
  • No chemical treatments or disposal health concerns
  • Field drillable design - available in standard REA or custom
  • Lighter than wood with consistent material properties
  • Improves overall system insulation and integrity
  • Shipped ready to be installed with no assembly required
  • RUS listed
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Paint options available for quotation by special request


  • Quicker installation with no assembly required - units shipped ready to be installed
  • Lighter than comparable wood assemblies
  • Environmentally friendly - No chemicals or preservatives
  • Recessed cavity in base allows for double nutting - back to back mounting
  • Field drillable for maximum versatility
  • Dual guy attachment provisions

Tangent crossarms

tangent chart.PNG

Deadend crossarms

deadend chart.PNG