MPS Silicone Coated Guy Strain Insulators




MacLean Power Systems is manufacturing and releasing to the Canadian market new Silicone Coated Guy Strain Insulators at 15,000 and 21,000 LBS ratings.


The Silicone Coated Guy Strain is a specialty product designed by a team of engineers keeping safety issues at the forefront of the solution. Guy Strain insulators are designed to insulate the guy wire for public protection and for improved line performance and are regulated by safety codes. MacLean Power Systems manufactures a quality product that easily meets today’s safety requirements.

Why use silicone coated rods?

Painted rod may show wear with weathering, UV rays, acid rain, damage / scratches to the finish on installation, poor packaging & handling, etc. Many painted guy strains installed have been affected by several factors creating brittle fracture and premature failure and may need to be replaced. Silicone covered rods are much more resilient to the environmental elements, packaging and handling issues typically affecting painted products.


Testing and Certification

MacLean SC Rods have been designed and tested in accordance with CSA C411.7-11. Testing includes, mechanical, voltage flashover, and ultraviolet certification and was performed at Kinectrics Laboratory. Each Guy Strain insulator is mechanically tested during assembly and marked with strength rating and date tested. End fittings are crimped on the silicone covered rod and a silicone seal is applied for added protection. The core of the Guy Strain Insulator is made of a special rod for electrical applications fully bonded in one piece to the silicon sheath. The sheath is made of MacLean’s proprietary brand of silicon rubber. Guy strains near the conductors can transmit electricity to the ground if it is not properly insulated. Silicon Covered Rods can also be used in electrical – mechanical applications where painted rods are not rated for such installations, as mandated by CSA C411.7-11, and most recent ESA regulations.

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Features and Benefits

  • Silicone coating works well in corrosive environments

  • Various lengths and end fitting configurations available

  • Protects against stray currents

  • Silicone rubber has an increased resistance to UV

  • Silicone provides an increased amount of Hydrophobicity

Standard Insulated lengths:

  • Class GI30-12 inches

  • Class GI60-24 inches

  • Class GI90-36 inches

  • Class GI140-54 inches

  • Class GI200-78 inches

  • Custom lengths are available on request.

End Fitting Configuration

  • CC-Clevis-Clevis

  • CTE-Clevis-Thimble Eye

  • TETE-Thimble Eye-Thimble Eye

  • YCTE-Y-clevis-Thimble Eye Clevis

To add rollers to clevis end fittings, simply add suffixes:

  • ‘R’ for one roller

  • ‘R2’ for two rollers


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