PILEWORKS - All your deep foundation needs in one place!


We are excited to announce that Maclean Power Systems just established a partnership with Pileworks, a manufacturer and distributor of high quality piles, making a new line of products available for you through us!

About the company

Pileworks was established in 2013, and bases its operations from its manufacturing facility in Magnolia, Texas. The the 120.000 sq ft factory was designed around state of the art robotic manufacturing equipment, which drastically reduces manufacturing costs while simplifying the manufacturing process. Pileworks focuses on turnkey foundation systems, pile componentry and design consulting services in the oil and gas, transmission and distribution, building trades and DOT market segments.

Primary Product Lines

High Capacity Helical Pile

  • 80 ksi material

  • Can utilize Bolted or Threaded Sections

  • Multiple flights can be added to increase capacity

  • Higher ksi allows for smaller shaft sizes to be utilized in comparison with general industry practices

  • Capacities range from 50 to 800 kip

  • Shaft sizes between 4.5” to 20”


  • More load per dollar

  • Higher torque capacity

  • Higher predictability during Install

  • Advance through dense material w/o pre-drilling

  • Lengths are 5’ to 40’

Grouted Displacement Pile

  • 80 ksi material

  • Sections are joined by API Buttress Threads and Couplings

  • Grout is injected at the toe during installation

  • Capacities range from 150 to 1300 kip

  • Can be used in Pile groups for higher capacity and additional feasibility

  • Shaft sizes between 4.5” to 9.625”


  • Higher load capacity w/o adding more extensions, flights or increasing shaft diameter

  • Can be used as an aquifer sealerin contaminated soils

  • Target grout volume distribution in order to utilize the most bearing capability in varied soil strata

  • Smaller shaft diameters than non-grouted piles

  • Lengths are 5’ to 40’


Would you like to know more?

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