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The increasingly stringent operating guidelines in modern industrial facilities place a greater emphasis on personnel safety.  As a result, many formally accepted practices are no longer permitted.  Electrical personnel are now prohibited from working inside energized equipment using everyday clothing and tools.  Embracing alternate technologies to execute hazardous tasks, without sacrificing the results, will aid in the advancement of workplace safety practices. Optimizing safety for electrical personnel. Powell's BriteSpot™ Thermal Monitoring technology provides continuous thermal monitoring of switchgear components without compromising standard ANSI and IEC switchgear construction practices. Peace of mind is realized with appropriate surveillance of temperatures in inaccessible locations, maximizing the protection of personnel and equipment. Thousands of dollars of downtime and repair expenses have been saved each year through the early detection of hot spots; entrust BriteSpot to help care for your assets.



Overheating inside electrical equipment can be caused by loose or deteriorated connections, overloaded circuits, or imbalanced loads. The BriteSpot™ Thermal Monitoring System is ideal for hot spot detection within conductive environments due to its dielectric immunity and the ability to monitor inside inaccessible compartments without compromising standard equipment construction practices. Medium or low voltage switchgear, motor control centers, disconnect switches, bus ducting, transformers, or any other bolted connections residing inside compartments, behind covers, barriers and booting materials, should be considered.



The BriteSpot™ technology is simply brilliant.  The basic principal is based on our patented technology of light transmission over fiber and tunneled to the probe and reflected back. The probe tip is comprised of a phosphorous-based chemical compound whose properties change with temperature. The probe compound returns repeatable results without ever needing calibration or replacement of any parts, ever.  These reflective elements are analyzed by the conversion module and recorded. This data can then be locally extracted and/or networked back to a plant management system. The polymer fiber probes are sold in lengths of 7m, 10m, and 15m for application flexibility. Once installed at the location of interest, excess can easily be removed by utilizing the supplied fiber trimmer.  Then just plug and play.



Integrate BriteSpot™ into any OEM equipment. The BriteSpot probes mount inside switchgear and motor control centers with ratings to 38kV.  The typical number of monitoring points vary with equipment type; general rule of thumb is 9-12 points per breaker, and 6-9 per motor contactor. Other temperature monitoring connections might include: load connections at transformers, inside bus ducting, main busing compartments, ambient temperatures inside and/or outside equipment, or cubicle space heaters


Project Management

BriteSpot™ has the expansion capability to be installed in newly constructed equipment or on the old 25-yr old equipment. Go plant-wide with it and have the comfort in knowing you are recording temperatures 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. If an abnormality is identified, a quick remedial effort could save costly equipment damage and process downtime.


BriteSpot™ Thermal Monitoring System Main Specs:


BriteSpot™ G3 module Main Specs:

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