Powell Circuit Breaker Monitor


Yes!  Powell's Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM) encourages a shift from a time-based maintenance approach to a predictive approach which has proven to improve labor resource efficiency, as well as asset availability. Continuous monitoring of a circuit breaker's mechanical, electrical, and environmental parameters directly correlates to a reduction in system downtime, a reduction in maintenance cycles, and an increase in equipment reliability and utilization.

The CBM uses advanced algorithms to analyze past and present data for inferring equipment health.  Once CBM interfaces with Powell's BreakerView software, it performs additional tertiary analysis and presents the user with a simple status dashboard view of the information.  This intuitive dashboard offers the user alert management functions, maintenance reports, and data trending, all proven invaluable for increasing equipment uptime and reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Circuit Breaker Monitor™ (CBM) is installed inside your circuit breaker, acquiring all critical electrical control and mechanical operations. Our CBM will capture data, both past and present, and run advanced algorithms to determine the overall health of your breaker, while monitoring elements such as: operating coil condition, mechanism operation, environmental conditions, thermal status of primary conductors, trip/close timing, charging motor condition, and digital operation count. Paired with our BreakerView software, you will have an intuitive dashboard for data viewing and alerts, operation history, performance details and maintenance requirements. 


At Powell, we believe our customers should come first – so the benefits to you are our priority. Some of the operational benefits of our Circuit Breaker Monitor™ are:

• Intuitive circuit breaker insight
• Issue identification to improve maintenance routines
• Reduction in system downtime
• Improved safety and risk awareness
• Failure prevention
• Predictive and historical analysis

Some examples of problems CBM can detect in the circuit breaker include: detect failing coils, mechanism mis-operation, overheating stabs, trip / close timing issues and charging motor faults.


Powell's Circuit Breaker Monitor™ (CBM) can easily integrate into a variety of systems. It can be networked into your existing upstream supervisory system, such as: SCADA, Electrical Control and Management Systems (ECMS), Power Management Systems (PMS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Our CBM can communicate to remote systems utilizing its’ Infra-Red Interface Module (IRIM) and all your data is accessible locally from the USB port of the External Interface Module (EIM).

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