Spring Transformer Health Checkup Package Promotion


Weidmann Electrical Technology is offering a special discount on laboratory analysis packages to test the condition of your transformer fleet beyond routine maintenance. Get a comprehensive assessment on the aging, degradation, and health of the paper (cellulose) insulation within your in-service transformers.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will perform a deep-dive analysis and provide you with a detailed report to help you assess the condition of your equipment to reduce risk. The report will highlight possible trouble areas and provide recommendations to assist you in making decisions to improve reliability. The Spring Transformer Health Check-Up includes tests on five key areas:

1. DGA ─ a test for indicating cellulose aging or involvement in PD, thermal, or electrical faults.

2. ACID NUMBER ─ a measure of oxidation products that can attack paper insulation.

3. MOISTURE CONTENT ─ a test to determine the level of detrimental moisture in the electrical system.

4. FURANS ─ a test for degradation markers that provide information on the physical condition of the cellulose paper.

5. METHANOL/ETHANOL ─ a new test for assessing the aging or physical condition of cellulose paper and verifying fault conditions.



  • To ensure that you receive our discounted price, please add Promo Code SPRING2019 to your Weidmann sample data sheet or include a copy of this Flyer with your shipment.

  • Our test package requires the oil to be sent in two full glass syringes as well as a small sample bottle.

  • Please contact us if you need a sample data sheet, sampling containers, or for technical support:

  • PHONE: 802-751-3533

  • EMAIL: lab.promo@weidmann-group.com

  • Discounted price for all tests is $187 US/CAN.

  • Routine turn-around: 10 business days.

  • You will receive a standardized report covering results from five liquid-based diagnostic tests to assess the aging, degradation, and health of the paper (cellulose) insulation.

  • Promotion ends June 30, 2019.