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About the company

Gamma Insulator Company is the utility products manufacturing subsidiary of the Corona Group with over 130 years of manufacturing experience.

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Corona has nine manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Colombia, and automated warehouses within easy reach of 32 markets worldwide. Corona’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize the latest technologies and are all certified to the latest ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. GAMMA employs world-class manufacturing tools and management systems such as TMP, Lean Manufacturing, DFSS, and Six Sigma to produce the high quality products you have come to expect from GAMMA.

Product Range

Station Post Insulators

Station posts are available in standard strength, high strength, and extra high strength, in ratings from 95kV BIL through 1800kV BIL, and for applications ranging from 7.5kV through 500kV operating voltages. Each insulator body is molded from the highest quality raw materials produced in state-of-the-art mineral processing facilities, yielding a product of exceptional wet process workability, purity, and uniformity.

The entire surface of each station post receives a smooth, uniform glaze, in either gray or brown to provide maximum mechanical porcelain strength, to resist the accumulation of contaminants on the surface, and to facilitate ease of cleaning via rain or routine maintenance. In addition, the product line features uniform surface drying and voltage distribution to prevent flashover as well as dry-band arc suppression for high performance and long term reliability.

Apparatus OEM Bushings

Gamma Insulators also manufactures OEM bushings according to ANSI standards and custom made specs, in low and high voltage versions.

Pin Type Insulators

Pin type insulators are designed to provide line support. The function of these insulators is to support the conducting cable directly on the head or neck of the insulator (top and side grooves). Pin type insulators are designed and manufactured according to ANSI standard (C29.6 – 1996) in order to ensure their electrical and mechanical performance, as well as to satisfy all dimensional specifications and requirements. We offer low and medium voltage pins, and are used in distribution lines ranging from 7.2kV to 34 Kv.

Spool Insulators

These support type insulators are designed to provide the energized conductor cable a support point to keep it separated from the low-tension lines structures. They are installed in iron fittings in individual units or in groups. They have a transversal resistance ranging from 2000 to 6000 lbs. depending on the spool size. 

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