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About the company

Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. is a premier international supplier of electrical equipment including dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, transformers, and generator main circuit breakers. One of the company's recent accomplishments is the creation of the industry's first environmentally conscious high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, a 72.5kV dry air insulated solution that eliminates SF6 gas. It provides exceptionally low maintenance and operation costs, and poses no threat to the environment as the insulating dry air can be released into the atmosphere with no adverse consequences. Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to continuing the expansion and integration of its present products while developing new and improved product solutions to meet future energy demands.


  • 72kV Vacuum Breaker

  • 115kV – 800kV SF6 Breaker

  • 72kV – 800kV GIS

  • Power Transformers >200MVA

72kv vacuum circuit breaker.PNG

72kV Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • Greenhouse Gas Free – No SF6 Gas

  • Virtually Maintenance Free – Noninvasive, 18-year operation

  • Capable of 40 Full Fault Interruptions or 4,000 Switching Operations

  • - 50C = No Tank Heaters

  • Spring/Spring Mechanism

  • 3 Cycle Interrupting Time

  • Composite or Porcelain Bushings

  • Over 540 CBs In Service in NA Since 2007

145 series SF6 circuit breaker.PNG

145 Series SF6 Circuit Breakers

  • 40kA Short Circuit - 50/63 kA Available

  • Spring/Spring Mechanism

  • Pure Puffer Interruption

  • Pre-Insertion Resistor Option Available

  • Cast Aluminum Tank

  • 3 Cycle Interrupting Time

  • Composite or Porcelain Bushings

  • Trip Current at 9 Amps

245 Series SF6 Circuit Breakers

  • 40/50/63kA Short Circuit

  • Spring/Spring Mechanism

  • Pure Puffer Interruption

  • 2 or 3 Cycle Interrupting Time

  • Cast Aluminum Tank

  • Composite or Porcelain Bushings

  • 1050kV BIL

  • Trip Current at 9 Amps

HHI Series 362/550/800kV SF6 Circuit Breakers

  • Up to 5,000A Rated Current

  • Hydraulic Mechanism

  • Pure Puffer Interruption

  • Slip Over CTs

  • Steel Tanks with Hand Hole Access (550kV and 800kV)

  • 2-Cycle Interruption

  • Porcelain or Composite Bushings

  • Optional Pre-insertion Resistors

SF6 Gas Insulated Metal Clad Switchgear

Top-quality, long-life seals and pinhole-free steel enclosures

Over 9,000 bays in service

Reduced footprint requires less space on site

Low profile is suitable for installation all locations

Fewer pieces minimize on-site connections

Hand holes provide ready access to key GIS components

No need to disassemble GCB for replacement

Feeders are easy to add with minimal outage time

Power Transformers >200MVA

Hitachi’s Kokubu factory located in Hitachi City, Japan is a highly sophisticated research and quality control facility that has been supplying large capacity power transformers to the worldwide market since 1910. Today, Hitachi has supplied over 6,800 units with power capacity up to 3,000 MVA and voltage up to 1,000 kV. In addition our new state of the art facility in Taichung, Taiwan opened in April, 2015. From these two factories, Hitachi can provide North American customers most of their requirements of 200MVA and larger.

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