Howard Industries


About the company

Founded in 1968 by Billy W. Howard in Laurel, Mississippi , Howard Industries now ranks first in sales among the North Americas’ distribution transformer manufacturers with a production capacity of over 15,000 units per week.

The 2.3 million square-foot transformer manufacturing facility utilizes the latest and most innovative computer technology available to produce transformers designed for optimum performance.

Quality and standards

ISO9001 certified since 1998, the quality management system has been certified to the latest ISO9001:2008 standard. Howard currently supplies product to over 120 countries around the world. Howard Industries builds its products to meet to all required global specifications (CSA, ANSI, etc.).

Committed to connect

Howard is committed to the highest levels of Customer Service and delivery reliability with a single Point of Contact at Factory, with direct access to the President of the company. Howard’s representative firm in Canada is Composite Power Group, so feel free to submit your inquires!


To support these high standards of customer service and product quality efforts, Howard manufactures many of their own components. From Tanks to LV & HV Bushings, HV Bushing Wells, CLF Fuse Mounts, Terminal Blocks, DETC Bushings, CNC Components, Isolation Links, LB Switches to Regulators and more. These are manufactured within their own facilities.

The company’s transformer product offering includes:

  • Single & three-phase pole-mounted transformers, 1-833 kVA

  • Single & three-phase pad-mounted transformers 10-5,000 kVA

  • Single & three-phase pole & pad step-up/step-down transformers 50-10,000 kVA

  • Three-phase, small power substation transformers, 45-10,000 kVA

  • Three-phase medium power substation transformers through 60 MVA (ONAN), thru 230kv, 900KV BIL

  • Single & three-phase, submersible & vault type transformers, 10-167 kVA

  • Medium-voltage dry-type transformers, 225 - 2,500 kVA

  • Distribution Voltages from 2400-34500v up to 350kv BIL

  • Network transformers

  • Transformer components including molded low-voltage bushings, molded high- voltage bushing wells, molded wildlife guards, high-voltage isolation links and radiator panels.

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