Kirk Key

About the company

KIRK© believes that everyone has the right to be safe at work!  To ensure safety, the risk of hazardous energy and or equipment needs to be controlled.  Our trapped key interlock safety systems and safety components provide our customers with solutions to control these risks. IRK© manufactures more than 70,000 safety components each year for use in a wide range of industries, guaranteeing a sequential pattern of safe operations for isolating energy and safely accessing hazardous areas.  KIRK© safety products are designed and configured to each user’s requirements, providing protection from each application and peace of mind for our customers.


Our products include mechanical interlocks, electro-mechanical interlocks, solenoid key release units, time delay key release units, transfer panels, and smart technology. Proper application of our safety interlock systems guarantees that a sequential pattern is followed for each step of a prescribed sequence.

Product Range

Kirk offers a comprehensive product line that can form a complete trapped key interlock system and be incorporated into the safety process procedures for many industries and applications.   KIRK® trapped key interlocks and interlock systems can be found in:

Automotive  |  Aviation  |  Chemical Processing  |  ESPs  |  Farming  |  Food Processing  |  Lockout Tagout | Metal Processing  |  Military  | Mining  | Pharmaceutical  |  Ports  |  Power Generation  |  Power Quality  |  Pulp & Paper  |  Railroad |  Substations  |  Switchgear  |  Transportation  |  Water Utilities  |  Wind Power

Watch the animation below to see how KIRK® safety interlocks protect life and equipment when carrying out maintenance on an ESP

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