Concast trench system approved by major utilities

We are very proud to announce that our partner Concast is approved by several Canadian customers as cable trench supplier, including Hydro-One and Hydro-Québec!

Concast offers a full range of cable trenches

  • Load withstand: Pedestrian, H-10, H-20, H-40

  • Size (width X depth): 6 '' X 8 '' to 50 '' X 24 ''

  • Full range of options / accessories

    • Dividers, pull boxes

    • Various types of covers (galvanized steel, aluminum, polymer concrete ...)

    • Bollards, cable risers, support blocks, cable clips

    • Lifting equipment


  • Quality certified by the National Precast Concrete Association

  • Successfully tested to:








ASTM C-666




Pedestrian Rated Trench Features and Installation

Drawing from more than 49 years of research and experience, we have developed Fibercrete® , which is a proprietary blend of high strength concrete reinforced with special fibers and sometimes using steel reinforcement. Fibercrete makes possible the production of light weight, thin-walled, precast concrete parts. These cutting edge products can replace more massive units built from ordinary, steel-reinforced concrete.

  • Inside channel depths of 12”, 16”, and 24”.

  • PT Channel has twice the floor and wall thickness of our standard lightweight pedestrian rated channel.

  • Designed for pedestrian rated applications where there may be  light duty vehicles driving close to the trench channels.  New channel design prevents any flex in the sidewalls.

  • “PT” Pedestrian Rated Covers sit on top of channel.

Light Traffic Rated Trench Features and Installation

  • Vertical Side Walls- Allows for tighter fit against foundations.

  • No gaps between parallel trench runs.

  • Covers Sit Flush with Top of Channel.

  • Larger opening in floor for increased conduit/cable entry space.

  • Example: 8020LT channel would have a 16” x 32” opening.

  • 4” Thick Channel Floor. – allows larger openings in the channel.

  • Increased sidewall thickness.

  • Top Steel Galvanized Rail or Non-Conductive FRP Rail - prevents any chipping on the top of channels from vehicles driving over them.

  • 12”, 16”, or 24” Deep Channels

Heavy Traffic Rated Trench Features and Installation

  • Channel Types:

    • HT  - 6.5” thick covers.  Channel Width 10”W – 50”W.

    • HT3   - 3” thick covers.  Channel Width 10”W – 40”W

    • HT4  - 4” thick concrete covers.  Channel Width 40”W.

  • Vertical Exterior Walls – Allows for tighter fit against foundations.

  • Larger Opening in Floor for increased conduit or cable entry space. 

  • Ex. – 8024HT channel would have 10”x 20” opening.

  • 12”, 16” or 24” Deep Channels (ID)

  • Top Steel Galvanized Rail or Non-Conductive FRP Rail.

  • H-40 Rated w/HTSG40 Steel Galvanized Cover or 6.5” Concrete Cover.

  • Both Channel Types have the same dimensions (OD & ID).

  • The only variance would be the size openings in floor of channel.  Light Traffic channels would have a larger opening in floor. 

  • Advantage - Transition channels no longer required between light traffic to heavy traffic channels of same size.

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