New partnership with Ritz Instrument Transformers


Composite Power Group Inc. is pleased to announce our latest national partnership agreement with Ritz Instrument Transformers Inc. The company manufactures medium voltage instrument transformers (5kV to 69kV), low voltage instrument transformers (600V), SIS Insulated bus bar systems and cast-coil power transformers. Ritz manufacturers out of their facility in Lavonia, Georgia.


Ritz was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1945 by Dr. Hans Ritz. Ritz now consists of 8 facilities in Germany, Austria, Hungary, China, and the United States, producing instrument transformers from 600V to 69 kV, cast-coil power transformers, and solid insulation bus-bar systems. The new plant in Lavonia, GA USA was opened in 2010 and produces low-voltage and medium-voltage instrument transformers and cast parts for the utility and OEM sectors.

In the short term, our focus will be to grow the sales of Ritz low voltage and medium voltage instrument transformers.

For more information on Ritz Instrument Transformer technology, products and manufacturing details, pricing or delivery times, please contact Composite Power Group Inc. at one of our regional offices!