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About the company

IFD Corporation was formed to develop, with utility partners, a reliable low-cost sensor suitable for detection and indication of internal arcing faults in distribution transformers. In 2002 IFD shipped their first sensor to a utility customer. Today, customers in Canada, the USA, and around the world use and have come to trust this reliable technology. IFD’s team development approach, with innovative industry partners, has delivered a practical solution for the distribution system of today’s and tomorrow’s utilities.

The Internal Fault Detector (IFD)

The IFD is a sensor that detects and indicates internal arcing faults in pole mounted and pad mounted distribution transformers. The sensor releases a highly visible orange signal that informs line workers the transformer has an internal fault and needs to be replaced. The IFD always saves time whether it activates or not.


In addition to improving worker safety, the maintenance-free IFD mechanical sensor provides set-it-and-forget-it operation and a typical 12:1 return on investment over the life of the transformer.

The IFD represents value whether it activates or not.


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With over 1.3 million IFDs installed in over 550 utilities since 2001, line crews have come to trust the IFD sensor to tell them when a transformer has an internal fault. Today the IFD is a benchmark in transformer safety that provides a simple, easy-to-use message:

“See the signal, remove the transformer!”

Orange: Utilities; Gray: TX Manufacturers, White: Distributors

Orange: Utilities; Gray: TX Manufacturers, White: Distributors

Lineman Safety

Every transformer re-energizing operation is complex and risky. Site inspection… on-ground setup… safety checks… double checks… re-closing the fuse (‘push and pray’). With the IFD sensor, your crews can make faster, safer, and more informed decisions from a distance to provide increased worker safety and faster outage restoration.

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