Composite Power Group is now the Exclusive Agent for Southern States in Western Canada!


We are very excited to officially announce the appointment of Composite Power Group Inc. as Authorized Sales Representatives of Southern States LLC for Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, along with the Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories! This appointment adds to our existing sales territory, which currently includes the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The effective date of this appointment is September 28, 2019.

Yellow : existing Southern States LLC representation territory |  Green : newly added Southern States LLC territory

Yellow: existing Southern States LLC representation territory | Green: newly added Southern States LLC territory

We are thrilled about this appointment, as it brings us one step closer to serving our customers as a national level one-stop-shop for high voltage electrical equipment!

Southern States LLC Product line Summary

Capacitor and Reactor Switchers

Reactive power compensation is not only a critical component of the electrical power transmission grid, but increasingly scrutinized and mandated. Southern States special purpose switchers have been so well accepted that CapSwitchers and RLSwitchers are asked for by name at many utilities and power generators.


The Southern States CapSwitcher®, a capacitor switching device specifically designed to meet the power quality needs of today’s electrical systems, has become a prefered switching method for medium and high voltage capacitors. This special purpose SF6 capacitor switcher is available for application on single bank or back-to-back banks.Its closing resistors provide transient mitigation to minimize the detrimental effects of voltage transients, including voltage magnification, on sensitive equipment such as computers, CNC machines, and variable speed drives. It also minimizes the detrimental effects of current transients on utility equipment such as circuit breaker contacts, power transformer cores and coils, etc.


Switching high voltage reactors can impose a severe duty on the connected system, switching device, and shunt reactor. Modern switching devices interrupt the small inductive current shortly after the separation of the contacts. If the interrupter’s contacts have not separated enough to sustain the rapidly rising TRV , a re-ignition of the arc will occur. These high magnitude and high frequency re-ignitions can shorten the life of the reactor and the switching device. The Southern States’ RLSwitcher®, with its’ patented interrupter design, has helped satisfied customers minimize the probability and magnitude of these harmful re-ignitions since 2010.

Circuit Switchers

The many versatile designs of a Southern States circuit switcher can provide the most appropriate fit for your substation application. These designs can be adapted to existing structures or incorporate other devices like CTs or switches, thus improving savings or overall efficiency. Further, the CSH is becoming the switcher of choice for mobile substations.


The Southern States family of horizontal interrupter circuit switchers are ideally suited for transformer protection on systems with fault currents up to 40 kA. All circuit making and breaking operations are accomplished in SF6, eliminating open air arcs. The horizontal interrupter circuit switcher is available with (Model CSH-B) or without (Model CSH) an integral vertical break switch.


Southern States LSH and LSH-B horizontal interrupter line switchers provide load breaking, loop splitting, and line dropping capabilities for your most critical line switching applications. Additional applications include transformer magnetizing current interrupting and cable switching. All circuit making and breaking operations are accomplished in SF6, eliminating open air arcs. The horizontal interrupter line switcher is available with (Model LSH-B) or without (Model LSH) an integral vertical break switch. Both models can be supplied with either a manual operator or motor operator.


Southern States CSV (“candlestick”) circuit switcher, with vertical interrupters, expands Southern States circuit switcher line to fit shrinking substation space requirements. The CSV brings circuit breaker capabilities into the circuit switcher market. The primary application for the CSV is the switching and protection of power transformers. Additional applications include switching and protection of shunt reactors, bus, and transmission lines.

Disconnect Switches

For over 100 years, Southern States has built a reputation for quality and reliability in air disconnect switches. Now, with many investments in innovation and performance, the extremely broad and diverse switch lines are improved and available for more and more extreme applications.


Southern States’ product line includes one of the broadest range of ground switch offerings of any supplier in the world. These ground switches can be furnished for single pole or group operated applications to provide grounding for inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement of other substation equipment such as capacitor banks, circuit breakers, circuit switchers, etc. They are available as stand-alone devices (capacitor bank grounding for example) or as attachments to disconnect switches, circuit switchers, and other devices.


Southern States manufactures the broadest array of group operated outdoor air disconnect switches of any supplier in the world. Switches are available from 8.25kV through 1100kV with continuous current ratings of 600 amperes through 6500 amperes. Five basic designs are offered: Vertical Break, Center Side Break, Double Side Break, Single Side Break and Pantograph Switches. Likewise, variations of the Center Side Break and Double Side Break designs are also offered in a “V” configuration minimizing structure cost and real estate requirements.


Southern States offers one of the most complete lines of hookstick switches for the utility and industrial markets. Designed for vertical or underhung operation, all models meet or exceed ANSI Standards for electrical and mechanical performance. Available designs include the new PBO-2, a cost effective standardized design available at 1200A and 2000A for applications thru 48.3kV; the PBO-1, a robust design available to 2000A and 72kV; and the PBO available to 170kV. The PBO and PBO-1 also offer configurations for bypassing regulators or for transferring loads to alternate circuits without interrupting power.


Whether your needs require only local operation, both local and remote operation, high speed operation, high torque operation, stored energy operation, or other application, Southern States has the operator to fit your requirements. Southern States offers different types of manual operators: the manual swing handle operator, the HOGO manual gear operator, and the SEGO (Safety Enhanced Gear Operator). The SEGO manual operator was developed to provide self locking action which prevents back driving of the handle while operating. Operating demo video available.


The type SF switch-fuse combination is ideally suited for providing circuit protection while the recloser is having maintenance performed on it, and when used in conjunction with one of Southern States hookstick operated switches, they also provide isolation of the recloser for maintenance. The SF consists of Southern States type PBO and PBO-2 hookstick operated switches and Southern States type BP power fuse (on types SF50 and SF51) or Southern States type HPA power fuse (on types SF52 and SF53).


The ES-1 side break multi-way transmission line disconnect switch was designed in response to the market’s need for solutions that offer simplified installation and adjustment that minimizes the probability of operator error, increasing reliability.

The Southern States one-way, two-way, and three-way ES-1 transmission line switches utilize an innovative foldable frame and contact geometry to reduce average installation times by 50% and provide superior reliability over time. The ES-1’s frame design allows Southern States  to fold each assembled phase assembly into a compact package which can be easily transported, received, unfolded, and installed by crews.

Switch Accessories

Either included as components of group operated switches at the same time of purchase, or purchased separately, Southern States accessory equipment is engineered and manufactured to the same exact standards we apply to all our other products.


Verifying proper blade depth and rotation of a high voltage disconnect switch closure has created challenges for ground level operators. Southern States MACI® introduces patented magnetic technology to provide highly-visible, foolproof indication of a proper switch closure. By providing this assurance, the potential for unwanted costs associated with unplanned power outages is minimized. Additionally, MACI®’s reflective “closed” pattern provides visibility up to 100 ft and will not interfere with operation, even in icy conditions.


The type AVS-1 and AV-1 auxiliary switches can be employed for many purposes, but are used principally for remote indication of line and/or grounding switch positions and to control electrical interlocks. They feature simple linear circuitry and easy adjustment. For adjustment, the entire housing is removed, providing excellent access. Sizes are available from two poles up to eighteen, linkage or gear driven.

Mobile Innovations

Southern States’ extensive experience in switching makes it a natural and winning choice for servicing your customized mobile substation and application specific trailer needs.

Overall reliability is a critical focus for utilities across North America, creating the need for solutions and equipment that can support the grid during times of emergency or occasional planned outages. Taking proactive measures to address these potential vulnerabilities is, therefore, vital to ensure a resilient network that minimizes customer interruption frequency and duration.

Southern States, with over 100 years experience integrating high voltage switching equipment, has worked to address this initiative by designing mobile solutions that are specifically tailored to our customer’s unique applications, providing immediate cost savings and reliability to a utility’s network via expedited restoration times and operational flexibility.

Leveraging our partnership with various ISO certified transformer manufacturers, Southern States has the resources to design or retrofit mobile substations that can be outfitted with Southern States’ or your preferred switchgear brands. Available up to 230 kV and 65 MVA,
our mobile products are manufactured with stringent specifications, ensuring the design is robust, durable, and to the utility’s expectations. For additional applications, Southern States also offers auxiliary mobile solutions to support reactive power compensation, switchgear failures, as well as other utility resiliency initiatives. These include capacitor trailers, circuit switcher trailers, breaker trailers, disconnect switch trailers, reactor trailers, recloser trailers, and voltage regulator trailers to name a few. Each can be equipped with a variety of custom features such as racking mechanisms, hydraulic systems, turn tables, fences, and much more.

To learn more about Southern States LLC and their products and services, contact us! We will be happy to provide info, delivery times and pricing.