About the company

Cerisol was founded in 1912 and operated until 1945 dedicated to the production of miscellaneous electrical components.

During the following decades, as a Division of ElectroCerâmica, Cerisol focused its activity on the production and distribution of low, medium and high voltage insulators and cap and pin insulators, which were exclusively sold to the Portuguese Utility Industry.


Cerisol currently is located in the north of Portugal, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and is only 11 km away from the city of Porto (the 2nd largest city in Portugal). The Porto international airport is only 26 km away from our factory.



Cerisol has implemented a Quality Environment many years ago and is certified to comply with ISO9001, for Product Development and Production of Porcelain insulators of high, medium e low voltage, since 1996.



Over the years Cerisol evolved significantly, and is now much more focused on the external markets (95% of sales), competing with larger players in a much broader range of products that include:

  • Solid core Post insulators to the following requirements

    • IEC

    • IEEE TRs

  • Hollow core insulators

  • Distribution line insulators

With the help of Composite Power group, Cerisol now has station post insulators approved at Hydro-Quebec.

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