Ontario utilities can lower customer bills through In Front of the Meter Conservation (IFMC)

Ontario's Long-term energy Plan


Energy efficiency is a central pillar of Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP). Additionally, utilities are provided with conservation incentives and targets as part of Ontario's 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework (CFF).  Under the update to the LTEP released in the fall of 2017, utilities can now count savings generated from In Front of the Meter Conservation (IFMC) towards these targets.  Prior to November 2017, this was not the case.

Read more about Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan 2017 here:

Volt-VAR control

Volt-VAR control provides the means for utilities to control and optimize the voltage on the distribution system. There are a number of technologies available on the market that have been piloted in North America (and globally). Ontario funded projects under the Smart Grid Fund (SGF) with Varentec. 

Composite Power Group is working with Varentec in Canada to bring this technology to our customers.   

The fluctuations are on the consumer-side—the Grid Edge—and that is where Varentec comes in. Unlike other Grid Edge Volt-VAR Control solutions, Varentec’s ENGO+GEMS offering is a distributed Grid Edge Volt-VAR Control solution that enables demand control at the Grid Edge—as well as real-time, autonomous monitoring, VAR management and optimization and feeder operation through a web-based platform. The result is a faster, more responsive and versatile Grid Edge Volt-VAR Control solution than any centralized VVC/VVO/AMI-based solutions.

By exploiting this new architecture, Varentec offers a suite of solutions that are proven to deliver tangible benefits and unprecedented grid control – from substation to customer, including these key benefits: Grid Edge Support & Efficiency, Peak Demand Reduction, Energy Savings, Grid Edge Volt-VAR Control and High PV Penetration

The benefits

  • Our utility customers win by reaching their conservation targets
  • Rate-Payers win through lower energy bills
  • The system is run more efficiently and we waste less (lowering GHG emissions)

This is all possible because Volt/Var Control enables:

  • 72% reduction in voltage volatility (across a distribution feeder)
  • Elimination of ANSI violations 5% reduction in voltage with no ANSI violation
  • Enable 4-5% in demand reduction (or more) and energy conservation
  • Increased ability to connect solar and renewables
  • Grid modernization

Customers get more stable power and a lower bill. If you work at an Ontario LDC, why are you waiting?  The policy framework exists today to allow you to move forward and capture the value of this technology.

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