"In Front of the Meter" (IFMC) Conservation

Minister’s Message

"Ontario’s 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan is principally focused on the consumer while ensuring a reliable and innovative energy system. Delivering Fairness and Choice makes an important commitment: we will strive to make energy more affordable, and give customers more choices in their energy use, ensuring that Ontarians and their families continue to be at the center of everything we do."
Glenn Thibeault
Minister of Energy

Summary of the plan

The 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, Delivering Fairness and Choice, builds on the years of investment that Ontarians made to renew and clean up the province’s electricity system. As a result of phasing out coal-fired electricity generation in 2014, emissions for Ontario’s electricity sector are forecast in 2017 to account for only about two per cent of the province’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The province’s robust supply of electricity will be sufficient to meet Ontario’s foreseeable electricity demand well into the next decade. This leaves the province well positioned to plan for and meet future challenges.


key initiatives identified in Delivering Fairness and Choice

  1. Ensuring Affordable and Accessible Energy
  2. Ensuring a Flexible Energy System
  3. Innovating to Meet the Future
  4. Improving Value and Performance for Consumers
  5. Strengthening our Commitment to Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  6. Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change
  7. Supporting First Nation and Métis Capacity and Leadership
  8. Supporting Regional Solutions and Infrastructure

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In front of the meter conservation

During the LTEP consultations and engagements, LDCs and technology vendors expressed interest in using in front of the meter conservation (IFMC) technologies to help meet electricity conservation targets and reduce peak demand.

In front of the meter conservation (IFMC) technologies reduce line losses and optimize voltage levels. LDCs deploy them on their distribution networks to save electricity and reduce their peak demand.

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Several pilots across North America have demonstrated the potential benefits of deploying IFMC technologies, and the Smart Grid Fund and the Conservation Fund have supported pilots in Ontario. A recent study commissioned by the government estimated they can be cost-effectively deployed on 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity distribution networks.

The government and its agencies will encourage distributors to make their networks more energy efficient, by allowing them to use the electricity savings from IFMC measures to meet their targets for electricity savings under the 2015 to 2020 Conservation First Framework. IFMC project costs will continue to be funded through distribution rates, and subject to the OEB’s review process. The OEB will also identify steps for pursuing energy efficiency measures on the distribution system.

Mid-term review slides of the 2017 LTEP

Feel free to thumb through the latest update on the 2017 LTEP. You'll find in front of the meter conservation related information on slide 13. You can also review the presentation on slideshare if you prefer!

The varentec engo solution

Varentec is a leading provider of Grid Edge Volt-VAR control solutions for municipal utilities, cooperatives and investor-owned utilities. Varentec empowers utilities with the hardware and software needed to increase customer satisfaction, grid efficiency, manage peak demand, reduce consumer energy consumption and effectively integrate renewable energy resources. Deployed on the consumer-side of the grid, Varentec’s ENGO dynamic VAR devices autonomously sense and regulate voltages by injecting dynamically reactive power at the Grid Edge. Coupled with Varentec’s proprietary GEMS™ software platform, utilities of all sizes gain unparalleled, real-time control, monitoring and visibility into power/energy usage and grid operation across the electrical distribution system.

Because it is real-time  and distributed,  Grid Edge Volt VAR Control is proven to deliver superior performance, with field validated results at feeder scale:

  • 72% reduction in voltage volatility(across a distribution feeder)
  • Elimination of ANSI violations 5% reduction in voltage with no ANSI violation
  • Enable 4-5% in demand reduction and energy conservation

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