Southern States MACI®

Magnetically Actuated Closed Indicator

Verifying proper blade depth and rotation of a high voltage disconnect switch closure has created challenges for ground level operators. Southern States MACI® introduces patented magnetic technology to provide highly-visible, foolproof indication of a proper switch closure. By providing this assurance, the potential for unwanted costs associated with unplanned power outages is minimized. Additionally, MACI®’s reflective “closed” pattern provides visibility up to 100 ft and will not interfere with operation, even in icy conditions.


  • Visible from 100ft
  • Reflective “closed” pattern for visibility at night
  • Retrofitted to any vertical break or double side break switch
  • Will not interfere with operation, even in icy conditions
  • Binary indicator – No intermediate position
  • False positive not possible

Operating video

See how Southern States' MACI® helps verify proper blade depth and rotation of high voltage disconnect switch closures. By adding MACI® to your new or existing switch applications, you will ultimately reduce the risk for switch failures, power outages, and the high costs associated with such.


Double-End Break Switches

Vertical Break Switches

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