Southern States Capswitcher®



The Southern States CapSwitcher®, a capacitor switching device specifically designed to meet the power quality needs of today’s electrical systems, has become a prefered switching method for medium and high voltage capacitors. This special purpose SF6 capacitor switcher is available for application on single bank or back-to-back banks. Its closing resistors provide transient mitigation to minimize the detrimental effects of voltage transients, including voltage magnification, on sensitive equipment such as computers, CNC machines, and variable speed drives. It also minimizes the detrimental effects of current transients on utility equipment such as circuit breaker contacts, power transformer cores and coils, etc. Other key features of this device include circuit making in SF6 rather than in air, reliable long-life operation utilizing a mechanically gang operated spring-spring mechanism , and single gap per phase puffer interrupters having long contact life and multi-time fault closing capability. The CapSwitcher’s use of a closing resistor significantly reduces the inrush current, thus eliminating the need for inrush current reactors that are often required for use with breakers and other switching devices.


  • Closing resistors provide the most reliable and consistently repeatable voltage and current transient suppression available in the market.
  • Designed and tested for restrike-free performance
  • Makes and breaks circuit in SF6 gas rather than in air
  • Simple, cost effective, mechanical design provides repeatability
  • Eliminates the need for inrush reactors
  • Long Life (10,000 operations)
  • Availability of multiple resistor sizes allows performance optimization
  • Each unit is completely assembled and tested at the factory with only the disassembly required to accommodate shipment restrictions being performed
  • Gas monitoring provided on all designs
  • Integrated capacitor control available for some ratings – consult factory


  • Makes and breaks circuit in SF6
  • Designed and tested for restrike-free performance
  • Closing resistors provide reliable and consistently repeatable transient suppression
  • Multiple resistor sizes allow performance optimization
  • Closing resistor eliminates need for inrush reactors
  • Sensor on each interrupter provides auto-trip or lockout on low gas pressure
  • Separate control cabinet provides ground level access to control components
  • Optional Capacitor Bank Control (VAR, Voltage, Current, TOD, Temp, SCADA)
  • Designed to mount on new or existing capacitor bank racks
  • Straight forward mechanical design insures long life, repeatable operation
  • Ships assembled and pressurized minimizing installation and setup


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