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Just a short 45 minutes south of the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, down US Highways 19/41 you will find Hampton, Georgia, home of Southern States: the largest switch manufacturer of high voltage disconnect switches in the world. Inside our doors beats the heart of a vibrant, thriving business that continues our long standing history of over 100 years. Our Main Office and headquarters, Mitchell Building, is only one of our four locations dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high voltage disconnect switches and SF6 products. As a result of rapid growth throughout the past two decades, Southern States has expanded our operations to include three additional facilities. Our Power Switching Division’s recent additions include the McGarity Building, a 15,000 square foot climate controlled facility designed for manufacturing, as well as the Spencer Complex, home to the division’s sales, engineering, and assembly team. In 2012, the Service Building was also acquired to provide the space and resources needed for our Service Division to expand their operations into new markets and products.

ll Southern States products are engineered to the highest technical standards and manufactured from the finest raw materials by craftsmen who share the same commitment to quality and dedication to detail that has been the cornerstone of Southern States since our inception way back in 1916. Our after sales and service team stands ready to assist in installation and operational checkout of the equipment purchased and to ensure maximum product performance for years to come. Southern States’ main focus is its customers and to be there each step of the way, providing the technical guidance, products, service, and support that have customers choosing us for over the last hundred years.

Product range

  • Disconnect Switches (15kV – 550kV) (up to 80kA withstand)
  • SF6 Circuit Switchers and Line Switchers
  • CapSwitcher & RL (reactor) Switcher
  • Field Service and Mobile Switching


  • Top market share in North America for Disconnect switches
  • Purpose built reactive power switching devices
  • MACI Device

Disconnect switches

Southern States manufactures the broadest array of group operated outdoor air disconnect switches of any supplier in the world. Switches are available from 8.25kV through 1100kV with continuous current ratings of 600 amperes through 6500 amperes. Five basic designs are offered: Vertical Break, Center Side Break, Double Side Break, Single Side Break and Pantograph Switches. Likewise, variations of the Center Side Break and Double Side Break designs are also offered in a “V” configuration minimizing structure cost and real estate requirements.

You will find Southern States group operated disconnect switches at work in substations and in transmission line applications around the world, delivering energy reliably, safely, and efficiently. You would expect no less from the company which has set the standard for performance, quality, and innovation in the power switching industry for over 100 years.

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The Southern States CapSwitcher®, a capacitor switching device specifically designed to meet the power quality needs of today’s electrical systems, has become a prefered switching method for medium and high voltage capacitors. This special purpose SF6 capacitor switcher is available for application on single bank or back-to-back banks. Its closing resistors provide transient mitigation to minimize the detrimental effects of voltage transients, including voltage magnification, on sensitive equipment such as computers, CNC machines, and variable speed drives. It also minimizes the detrimental effects of current transients on utility equipment such as circuit breaker contacts, power transformer cores and coils, etc. Other key features of this device include circuit making in SF6 rather than in air, reliable long-life operation utilizing a mechanically gang operated spring-spring mechanism , and single gap per phase puffer interrupters having long contact life and multi-time fault closing capability. The CapSwitcher’s use of a closing resistor significantly reduces the inrush current, thus eliminating the need for inrush current reactors that are often required for use with breakers and other switching devices.


Switching high voltage reactors can impose a severe duty on the connected system, switching device, and shunt reactor. Modern switching devices interrupt the small inductive current shortly after the separation of the contacts. If the interrupter’s contacts have not separated enough to sustain the rapidly rising TRV , a re-ignition of the arc will occur. These high magnitude and high frequency re-ignitions can shorten the life of the reactor and the switching device. The Southern States’ RLSwitcher®, with its’ patented interrupter design, has helped satisfied customers minimize the probability and magnitude of these harmful re-ignitions since 2010.


Mobile Switching Solutions

As manufacturers of electrical utility services, Southern States has been developing mobile solutions for decades. Our custom-engineered high voltage solutions are tailored to fit a wide array of applications and infrastructures. Overall reliability has become a prominent issue in the utility market. Southern States has designed reliable, fast, and cost-effective mobile solutions to offset industry demands for high voltage equipment. Our portable power solutions are custom tailored to access electrical utilities more efficiently than ever before. It’s time to think of mobile equipment fleets as the ultimate insurance policy. Here at Southern States, we build devices that offer network security, safety solutions, and a wide variety of utility configurations.

Magnetic Actuated Close Indicator (MACI®

Verifying proper blade depth and rotation of a high voltage disconnect switch closure has created challenges for ground level operators. Southern States MACI® introduces patented magnetic technology to provide highly-visible, foolproof indication of a proper switch closure. By providing this assurance, the potential for unwanted costs associated with unplanned power outages is minimized. Additionally, MACI®’s reflective “closed” pattern provides visibility up to 100 ft and will not interfere with operation, even in icy conditions.

138 kV capswitcher

362 kV RLSwitcher

161 kv EV-2 

CSH-B Mobile Substation

RL switcher in nova scotia

Transmission Phase Opposite Phase  ES-1

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