About the company

Since 1971, SEFCOR has built a reputation as a supplier of quality power connectors with short lead times at competitive prices. With sales offices located throughout the United States and Canada, SEFCOR continues its position as the leading supplier of power connectors to the electric power industry.

As “the Industry Leader in Service to our Customers”, SEFCOR offers the most experienced technical support in the industry with fast responses to application questions, connector recommendations, and the simplest approach to special application requirements.

SEFCOR power connectors are designed in accordance with the latest industry NEMA and ANSI standards and utilizing robust design criteria. Production tooling is made in accordance to our exacting standards, and are carefully tested, checked and inspected rigorously to ensure dimensional accuracy before production begins.


Product range

  • Terminals
  • Bus Supports
  • Compression Connectors
  • Grounding Connectors
  • Stud Connectors
  • Tees and Couplers

Company features

  • Finest Quality Power Connectors in the Industry
  •  Immediate Quotation Response
  •  Complete Line of Standard Substation Fittings
  •  EHV fittings available for 230, 345, 500 and 765 kV Applications
  •  Full Cross-Reference Service
  •  Special Application Design / Emergency Service Available
  •  Superior Technical Support
  •  Competitive Pricing

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