Ritz DVG-3 Voltage Transformer


Type DVG-3 3-Phase Voltage Transformers 720V Class, 10kV BIL, Indoor/Outdoor

Product Features

  • 600/720V Class Indoor/Outdoor VT
  • 10kV BIL
  • 60 Hz (50 Hz available upon request)
  • Rated Primary Voltage: 277V-480V
  • IEEE Accuracy: 0.3 W
  • Weight: ~12 lbs

The DVG-3 voltage transformer is designed for use with watt-hour meters, relays, and in other control applications. The unit consists of 1, 2, or 3 revenue metering accuracy voltage transformers, depending on the application. Primary and secondary connections are made using a wiring harness that connects to the connector provided on the voltage transformer.


The core and coil assemblies are encapsulated in polyurethane inside a UV-resistant Valox case.

Primary and Secondary Connections

Primary and secondary connections are made via a 9-position Molex connector plug system. A wiring harness must be purchased with each voltage transformer to facilitate connections to the line and the connected device.

Wiring Harness

Wiring harness

Wiring harness

A wiring harness must be purchased for each voltage transformer. Wiring harnesses are available in standard 6, 12, 20, or 30 foot lengths. Custom lengths and color-codes are available upon request. The wiring harness comes with a Molex connector that mates with the connector provided on the voltage transformer.


A nameplate label is provided on every unit that lists important ratings and shows a wiring schematic.


Wiring boot for outdoor applications

Wiring boot for outdoor applications

The voltage transformer can be mounted in any orientation by means of the mounting holes provided on the case. Key-hole slots are provided for easy mounting with 1/4” screws or shoulder rivets. An optional rubber boot is available for outdoor mounting that covers the terminal plug connector. 


Routine tests in compliance with IEEE, ANSI, and CSA are standard. Designs and tests to other international standards are available upon request. Test cards are included with each unit.

Commissioning and Maintenance

Transformers are supplied ready for service. No special tools are required.



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