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SAE manufactures a number of unique environmentally friendly, long life products, tailored specifically to electrical grounding AC Mitigation and corrosion.Since 1990, SAE has provided its clients with effective and innovative solutions to grounding challenges. SAE offers our clients full turnkey EFI grounding services. SAE provides comprehensive support including custom design and product development, installation and project management services. SAE’s innovative grounding solutions are carefully engineered from detailed on-site soil resistivity data, analysis and computer modeling.

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Increase the reliability of your utility pole network while reducing downtime with SAE’s ConduDisc™ utility pole ground plate. The ConduDisc™ ground plate virtually eliminates electrode corrosion and lasts up to 60 years — the life of a utility pole.

ConduDisc™ offers many advantages:

  • Extends the life of the grounding system
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally neutral
  • High strength and reliable
  • Easy installation, can be installed with or without liquid backfill

ConduDisc™ is a conductive carbonaceous polymer grounding plate that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability and longevity of utility pole grounding systems. It is sold in a ready to install package.

ConduDisc™ can be used with or without ConduFlow™ backfill. When using ConduFlow™ with the ConduDisc™, ensure that ConduFlow™ is properly mixed and poured down the hole prior to installing the grounding plate.


Conducrete® is a conductive cementitious and carbonaceous material that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability and longevity of grounding systems and cathodic protection systems. The conductive and insulating materials used in the formulation give it a capacitive nature.

Conducrete® o­ffers many advantages:

  • Extends the life of grounding systems by a factor of up to 20x
  • Theft resistant and requires minimal maintenance — once Conducrete® sets
  • Compressive strength and low shrinkage allowing it to withstand fault currents
  • High water absorption due to constant hydration
  • Environmentally neutral

Conducrete® can store and release energy the same way that a capacitor will store energy until it is grounded or allowed to release the energy into a circuit. The material absorbs high rise time electrical surges keeping ground potential rise in check and preventing damage.



Choose ConduFlow™ for the best long-term solution for utility pole, pad mount transformer and tower grounding. ConduFlow™ can also be used as backfill for shallow cathodic protection systems. With an expected in-service time that is up to 20x the industry standard by virtually eliminating electrodes corrosion, you can save both money and materials by choosing SAE products for your next application.

ConduFlow™ offers many advantages:

  • Significant dust reduction
  • Pourable – no need to transfer to mixing container
  • 96% reduction in corrosion of copper
  • Environmentally neutral
  • Extends the life of the grounding system
  • High strength once cured (12-24 hours)
  • Liquid installation adheres well to native material

ConduFlow™ is a liquid conductive carbonaceous polymer backfill that is manufactured for installation in a pourable form. It can be poured on exposed rock surfaces to protect conductors where trenching is not possible. ConduFlow™ solidifies and provides corrosion resistance and strength. It can withstand freeze-thaw cycling, prevent accidental damage and theft. ConduFlow™ is sold in a five-gallon container.


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